b. 1986, HK.


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Copywriter for over 17 years, I had worked at various Brazilian independent agencies and global advertising networks based in Brasília, São Paulo, and Recife. 

Besides copywriting, my job is also to deliver brand experiences, visual ideas and strategies to engage consumers. I developed campaigns for Caixa and Banco do Brasil, two of the largest public banks in Latin America. In addition, I participated in projects for Harley-Davidson, the Brazilian Tourist Board, the Federal Government of Brazil, Unicef, among many others. 

When I am not creating something for a brand or a cause, I am telling stories through my videos. After attending some courses focused on filmmaking and motion design, I also had written, filmed, edited and animated some independent projects, from short documentaries to music videos.

Now I am living in Washington DC. But we can start a project anywhere, anytime.